Priceline Email Design System

Trying to bring consistency to the inbox experience.



Research, Design, Prototyping, HTML, CSS, SCSS

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Justin LeBlanc (project owner)

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Email marketing is sometimes an after thought when it comes to design. The technical side of front-end development for the inbox is still relatively behind, when compared to the rest of the web. Design normally follows suit, when it comes to the inbox. Email is more often than not an image-based, cookie-cutter catastrophe, or very it's basic and unpolished, and in the world of transactional email, specifically, it's normally not even touched. All of those normally lead to a disconnect between the core brand, the products, and what you actually receive. To make matters worse, in the Priceline case, with the number of teams, platforms, and services that we interacted with, the consistency was virtually null.

Using a base that I had been working on with other designers for a company-wide systems initiative, I pitched the idea for more consistency. It's not just about design, but also about agility. We want things to look great and make the experience better, but we also want to be able to deploy faster and deliver more. That was the goal.

Defining standards and organizing the color palette A bit of background on template layout principles and theory